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If you have any questions, would like to join our mailing list, or want a price quote please email us at

Please note that we will only supply to piercers, studios, and wholesale. We are an APP compliant manufacturer. You will need to submit proof of your business entity before your order will be accepted. In the Name* section of the form please submit your full company name. In the body of the message please list your business EIN and applicable resale certification.

You must have a physical studio or store location and an active piercer, residential and online entities will not be accepted. A clean room with an autoclave is also necessary as we do not ship our products sterilized.  Once we reply to your initial request you will be asked to provide scanned copies of your documentation and photos as proof of your location, and autoclave.

If you are a returning customer that has already been approved:

If you would like to place an order for 20 pcs or less feel free to use the product ordering form. If you would like to submit a larger order, please reference the ordering spreadsheet that we sent you and submit your order via excel doc, PDF, or equivalent to

Please set up the codes as follows  in all CAPS (metals code)(code base name)(gauge)-(stone size)(stone name)

For example:

GYBS18-1.5CZ (yellow gold bezel 18 gauge – 1.5 mm clear cz)

GRBS16-3OC (rose gold bezel 16 gauge – 3 mm ocean grey cz)

GWCAB18-2.5OW (white gold cab setting 18 gauge – 2.5 mm white opal)

Please note the desired quantity in parenthesis before the code name ie. (10) GYCR18-4, (5)GRSB18-2.5, (2)CSA18. If submitting in an excel document, add Quantity to the column next to the Code column.

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