Our Full Coverage Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to offer a full warranty on all of our products. We will repair any damage caused from manufacturer defect for the life of the product, no questions asked. And if we cannot repair or replace the item, we will refund for value at time of purchase.

We strive to ensure that all of our products meet stringent quality code including meeting APP standards. We make jewelry that is made from high quality metals and stones that are ethically sourced from the USA. Our jewelry is safe to be worn on the skin of a fresh or healed piercing and through the skin of a healed piercing and we ensure quality manufacturing processes. Our warranty will cover things such as broken pins, chipped stones or if a stone falls out, defects to counterbore or if pin does not sit properly in post.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at info@claytonltd.com.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Mission

Welcome to Clayton Ltd! We are a small business local to beautiful Southern Oregon where we have been striving for excellence since 1998. All our products are handmade in house by our dedicated and talented crew. Each of our jewelers have been handpicked for their individual skills, creativity, and values, as well as their desire to be a part of a cohesive group. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques maintain a competitive edge and our designers are always cooking up fresh ideas for new collections.

We offer threadless and threaded body piercing jewelry. Please feel free to browse our content for further details on each piece we offer. If you are looking for something that you do not see, please reach out to us and ask about creating a custom piece for your clientele.

All our jewelry is guaranteed for life against any potential manufacturing defects. Creating a quality product and customer satisfaction is most important to us. All of our gold and materials are ethically sourced, and our high-quality lab grown and ethically sourced faceted stones or opals are hand set into our settings, free from adhesives, to produce a long lasting piece.

A Moment In History

Clayton Ltd was founded by James Green in 1998. James studied goldsmithing with Alan Revere in 1974 and went on to open a jewelry store in the San Francisco Marina District. After losing his lease James started working for The Gauntlet in 1994 manufacturing gold body piercing jewelry. He was manager of the manufacturing unit at The Gauntlet until it’s closing in 1998.

Looking for a change of scenery he moved to the promising Rogue Valley and settled into Ashland Oregon, where he continues to make body piercing jewelry as Clayton Ltd.

Mill Certificates

View mill certificates for our 14k yellow, 14k rose, and 14k palladium white gold.