October 13, 2021

Our 3D technician had some fun playing with a new printer, new resin, and this creative display block!

July 21, 2021

3D printing is changing the world of art and medicine. The first 3D printers came into play in the 1990’s but gained traction in popularity in the early 2010’s.  Now the options of things you can 3d print seems limitless; from simple toys to dental implants and body part replacements. With a skillset in designing CAD and the right kind of printable resin, anything that can be thought of can be printed in 3D.

We have been printing in 3D since 2018 and the proof is in the casting! Our resin models for casting are now flawless, with crisp details that allow for intricate designs. Our CAD technician is always researching new techniques and discovering ways to streamline the printing process. We would love to work on a custom design just for you! Shoot us an email to share your thoughts and let your dreams come to life in glistening gold.

Asiga’s line of Max Printers.